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New Hampshire Cornerstone endorses Ron for NH State Representative

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"NRA - PVF endorses Ron Dunn, Candidate for NH State Representative. Ron’s NRA rating is AQ.”

Note: An AQ rating is the highest a candidate can receive.  It means Ron strongly supports the 2nd Amendment






“Granite State Taxpayers 2022 candidate survey rates Ron Dunn, Candidate for NH State Representative at 92%, District 16”




August 4, 2022

Ron receives "Citizens Alliance NH Endorsement" 

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August 5, 2022

Ron receives endorsement from "Make Liberty Win".

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" ...Ron Dunn shows up at some of the events I go to, always has enthusiasm, and always helps with the cleanup (such as the folding up of the red and blue, or in this case, just the red tablecloths). I told his wife I’d like to express my support for him at if she could tell me some reason why voters should choose him.
Mrs. Dunn said, “He is one of three citizen members of the state Budgetary Commission.” I said, “That’s not sexy enough. Anything else?” She said, “He gets along with people. He’s a peacemaker.  He talks to both sides.” 

Excerpt from "Granite Gork" by Author and Dr. Mary Maxwell

It's important we vote for people who will uphold values that keep us strong as families, as communities, as citizens of this state. We need to elect principled individuals who are able to act forthright regardless of the opposition from without or from within that they may face. I'm voting for Ron Dunn because I believe he has the necessary strength of character and fortitude to represent what "we the people" want.  — Greg Huttula

Ron Dunn is a true leader.  He stands by his principles and will not waver.  I don't always agree with Ron on all issues but he is willing to listen and respect my view point.  — Endorsement

Committee to Elect Ron Dunn
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